Do I have a herniated disc, and should I get it treated?

Do I have a herniated disc, and should I get it treated?

Are you wondering how serious a herniated disc can be? People often mistake the term “herniated disc” to mean either nothing at all or something life-threatening, but in reality, there is a range of severity. Depending on what level of herniated disc someone experiences, their symptoms may also vary greatly. If you’re located near our chiropractic office in Santa Ana, CA, and would like help assessing your condition, don’t hesitate to reach out—we prioritize helping people understand and manage their injuries so that they can live comfortably!

A herniated disc can immobilize some, while others may not even be aware of its presence until they experience a back spasm or another symptom. To understand more about this condition and the ramifications it has on your overall health, continue reading!

What is a herniated disc, and how can I tell if I have one?

The phrase “slipped disc” (also known as a herniated disc) is quite misleading, since nothing actually moves out of place. Rather than picturing a gooey substance that has escaped its container or something shifting from where it should be located, the truth behind this medical term reveals an injury related to the spine.

Your spine consists of both bone and cartilage, resembling a long white zipper-like structure. A disc lies between every stacked vertebra to provide flexibility as well as absorption of shock. Surrounding these discs is the cartilage which conceals a cushiony material inside that can further absorb shocks upon impact.

Our spine is an essential component of the human body, allowing us to move freely and hold our bodies erect. It also serves as a conduit for transmitting messages from our brain throughout the rest of our body structure. Equally significant are the spinal discs that cushion each vertebra in between; these serve both structural and protective purposes by providing shock absorption as we move around.

A herniated disc means that the padding between the spine’s vertebrae has been moved out of its original placement, disrupting the cartilage containing its gelatinous center. Unfortunately, there is no extra space within which these discs can exist outside of their intended spinal canal location; thus leading to a multitude of health issues and long-term pain if left untreated.

When the disc slides out of its usual place in the spinal canal, it presses on neighboring nerves and tissues, resulting in inflammation that can produce pain. Additionally, due to this protrusion of a herniated disc from the spine’s canal, muscles around it as well as any nearby nerves may be impacted – leading to muscle knots, back spasms and aches, general weakness, and discomfort. All these combined create an array of disagreeable conditions for one suffering from a herniated disc.

How do I get a herniated disc treated?

If you believe that you may have a herniated disc, taking action right away is essential. If left untreated, it could ultimately cause permanent nerve damage; arguably more common than one would think – with symptoms mimicking and/or contributing to sciatic pain.

If you neglect the treatment of a herniated disc, long-term consequences may include persistent numbness and tingling, intermittent loss of feeling in your extremities (such as toes or fingertips), and piercing pain. Unfortunately, if left untreated these effects can become permanent.

Healing from Herniated Discs

At Divine Healing Chiropractic in Santa Ana, CA, we experience a surge of patients dealing with herniated discs regularly. It is true that this type of injury is widely known and unfortunately quite common. Many people assume they will feel immediate pain or become incapacitated if they slip a disc; however, surprisingly this isn’t always the case.

Slipping a disc is not always an immediate process – it can occur gradually over time. Yet, one single incident such as strain or injury may cause pain and symptoms to appear suddenly, at which point many people become aware that something has gone wrong in their spine.

Herniating a Disc from Lifting a Heavy Object

Over time, poor posture and incorrect spinal alignment while lifting can cause the vertebral discs to slip out of place. This gradual process may take months or even years before one lift is finally too much for your back – leading to a sudden onset of pain, muscle spasms, weakness, and tingling/numbness in the affected area. To avoid this unpleasant experience, it’s important that you remain mindful about how you are lifting objects so as not to strain your spine excessively over time.

Herniating a Disc from Bending

Slipping a disc can also be caused by constant bending and twisting, especially when done with bad posture or an already misaligned spine. Without the right muscles to provide enough support for our spinal structure as we bend, contorting it repeatedly will eventually cause a herniated disc. Poor posture, hurried movements, and an unbalanced spinal alignment are all factors that could lead to slipping discs due to repetitively bending down.

Herniating a Disc from Sitting

Unbeknownst to many, sitting for extended durations can cause a herniated disc. While this may be surprising since it is generally considered a low-impact activity, discs are actually at risk of slipping when there is persistent pressure on the spine and spinal canal. Poor posture or inadequate lumbar support while seated can trigger these kinds of injuries. In other words, if we don’t pay attention to our body position during prolonged periods in which we remain seated—we could find ourselves dealing with painful consequences!

Herniating a Disc from Running

It’s not typical for a person to experience herniated discs from running, and those who do often run at least 20 miles per week or have had herniated discs before. If you’re someone who is frequently breaking the pavement with your feet, it may be that your form could be putting strain on your back leading to disc slips; further still if you’ve previously suffered a herniated disc then sessions of high-intensity running can cause flare-ups too. Those people familiar with being prone to them must also consider any misalignments in their spine which might be contributing as well.

Herniating a Disc from Falling

Herniated discs can happen due to a simple fall, as your body instinctively contorts in an effort to soften the landing. This can force spinal discs out of their usual position within the spine and often results in soreness and inflammation after such an event. Therefore, be aware that even falls which may seem insignificant could still result in herniated disc damage!

The longer herniated discs remain untreated, the more likely it is to cause sensations of numbness, tingling, and sharp pain in the fingers and toes. People who experience chronic back pains after a fall probably have an undiagnosed herniated disc – their backs simply never recovered from their accidents!

Herniating a Disc from a Car Accident

Regrettably, even a minor fender bender can lead to the onset of a herniated disc. This is because the impact force during such accidents can generate immense pressure on the spinal canal that causes one or more discs to be misaligned – an occurrence that then leads to either immediate or future pain.

Chiropractic Care in Santa Ana, CA

If you are battling a herniated disc, then look no further. Our Santa Ana chiropractic office offers specialized care to help relieve your pain and discomfort. We proudly utilize Chiropractic BioPhysics®, shockwave therapy, laser therapy, and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy as part of our treatments for optimal results. Come get the relief you deserve today!

Dr. Azien Mousavi is dedicated to providing relief and improved health for patients with spinal misalignment, herniated discs, acid reflux, neck pain, GERD shoulder pain, and more! At our Santa Ana chiropractic office, we are excited to assist you on your journey toward the best possible state of well-being. Contact us today or schedule an appointment directly through our website- we can’t wait to help you reach your highest level of wellness!


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