How Chiropractic Care Can Help Relieve Abdominal Pain

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Relieve Abdominal Pain

For many of us, abdominal pain is something that we just have to deal with on a regular basis. Whether it’s indigestion, gas, cramps, or something more serious, abdominal pain is a common occurrence. And while there are a variety of over-the-counter medications that can help to alleviate the pain, they don’t always address the root cause of the problem. That’s where chiropractic care comes in. Chiropractic care works on a holistic level by addressing many of the body’s imbalances, without medication or invasive surgery. Chiropractic does this by treating the neuro-musculoskeletal system, which is a combination of three major body systems: the nervous system, the muscular system, and the skeletal system.

Many of our patients approach us with abdominal pain and other symptoms, not realizing that there could be some connection to their muscles, joints, and nervous system. Once they receive whole-body chiropractic care, these symptoms often diminish significantly, and sometimes completely vanish. This is because chiropractic care can balance the entire body, reset the nervous system, and encourage the body’s natural healing response.

How Chiropractic Care Works

Many people suffer from abdominal pain at some point in their lives. The pain can be sharp and stabbing, or it can be a dull ache that lingers for days or weeks on end. If you’re dealing with abdominal pain, you may be wondering if there’s anything that can be done to ease the discomfort. The good news is that chiropractic care may be able to help! Here’s a look at how chiropractic care can help with abdominal pain.

Chiropractic care addresses the nervous system, which is part of the neuro-musculoskeletal system. The nervous system runs through the digestive system in something called the enteric nervous system. When chiropractic care is given to the body, the enteric nervous system is balanced, which can help to resolve all kinds of digestive issues and abdominal pains.

There are a number of different techniques that chiropractors use to provide relief for abdominal pain. One such technique is called spinal manipulation. This is when chiropractor uses their hands to apply pressure to the spine in order to realign the vertebrae. This can help to take pressure off of the nerves and relieve pain. Another technique that’s often used is called trigger point therapy. This involves applying pressure to specific points in the muscles in order to release tension and relieve pain.

The enteric nervous system runs through the entire digestive tract, from beginning to end. It’s responsible for releasing all kinds of signals and chemicals and essentially controls digestion and nutrient absorption. The enteric nervous system relies on the central nervous system for its messages, and the central nervous system is housed in the spine. So, quite literally, adjustments to the spinal cord can affect your digestion, your stress levels, and your abdominal region.

If you’re feeling abdominal pain, and you’ve already confirmed with a medical practitioner that this is not due to an imbalance in the organs, chiropractic care may be able to help. Another type of abdominal pain that chiropractic care can treat very effectively is abdominal migraines. Not as well-known as standard migraine headaches, abdominal migraines can cause nausea and discomfort in the abdomen, without any apparent cause. At Divine Healing Chiropractic, Dr. Mousavi has years of experience providing expert chiropractic care and has helped countless patients find relief from all sorts of pain, including abdominal migraines (and standard migraines). If you’re at the end of your rope and have tried everything to remove your abdominal pain, without success, chiropractic care may be what you’ve been looking for.

Another thing that chiropractic care can help to treat is acid reflux and GERD. Many patients are shocked when their digestive imbalances seem to disappear after their treatment. Yes, chiropractic care for abdominal pain and GERD may not seem like a natural match, but chiropractic care can make a world of difference for patients suffering from abdominal pain and discomfort.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

One of the great things about chiropractic care is that it’s non-invasive and drug-free. This means that there are no side effects to worry about. Additionally, chiropractic care is a natural way to address the root cause of your abdominal pain rather than just treating the symptoms. And because it’s such a gentle treatment option, it’s safe for people of all ages, including seniors and pregnant women.

There are many benefits of seeking chiropractic care for abdominal pain. Chiropractic care is non-invasive, so there’s no need for surgery or medication. In addition, chiropractic care is gentle and safe for people of all ages. And best of all, chiropractic care can provide long-lasting relief from abdominal pain.

If you’re suffering from abdominal pains, consider chiropractic care as an option. At Divine Healing Chiropractic, Dr. Mousavi is standing by to help alleviate any discomfort you may be experiencing. Call us today to see how we can help with abdominal pain!


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